The PC house was designed based on two parameters: a limited budget and the context on which the house would be located.

The budget obliged us to manage the space as efficiently as possible, and to avoid as many divisive elements as possible, trying not to subdivide the space and interrupt the path of light.

The house is located on the slope of a cliff. It has a slope of 12 meters; this condition forced us to place the house in the lower part to go staggering the land on small platforms, which would decrease the land fills and the construction of huge retaining walls.

The space that was given by the layout between the street and the house also allowed us to respect the area of he land with more pines, generating an area of motional and interesting transition.

The interior of the house is organized from a covered central patio with some trees inside. This element separates the public spaces from the private ones and represents the heart of the house. In it, many significant activities of this family take place such as drinking the tea, playing with children, doing homework, playing football or just reading under the trees.

This courtyard and the spatial organization that generates around it allowed us to escape the view from any part of the house, constantly suggesting the visitor to turn his gaze to the cliff. The architecture in this case would simply frame nature.