When we started developing this house, we wanted to explore the architectonic and sensorial possibilities offered by a patio, containing small, nestled forests, almost in the same way we did it in our last project.

But the client had other ideas. Hernández initially requested a single-storey 240-square-metre residence to maximise the footprint of the plot, leaving a remainder of just 45 square metres for private outdoor space.

This unbalanced proportion between house and void did not allow for the desired influence of clear space throughout the house.

We decided to divide their 45-square-metre allowance into 23 small plant beds, each containing a sweet gum tree. These are integrated into the house's concrete foundation slab and distributed along three of its facades.

Rectangular voids cut in the slab above, which is supported by rows of slender white columns, allow sunlight to filter through to ground level and also provide space for the trees to mature.

Once the house was complete and the planting in place, the client asked for an extra storey where he could practice yoga among the tree tops.

This approach allowed us to explore possibilities that go beyond the contemplation of a patio and enable a way of living in a more immersive way that generates a distinct aesthetic,".