HW STUDIO is very special for us, as it marks an important moment in our brand.

It is our house, our office, and it is inside an old furnace of fine wood that was used as raw material for the construction of the Sign® chairs by Don Shoemaker. With time and lack of production, these ovens were left obsolete, abandoned, and we were offered the possibility to intervene.

Our main interest was in keeping intact all the engines and mechanisms that made the oven work and to make a clean, absent, silent, almost mute interior that contrasted, by its cleanliness and its clarity of lines, with all those elements that generated an almost baroque facade.

We tried to create an oasis in the middle of this complex of factories that would balance this precarious and decadent environment with an interior that, due to its absence of elements, would emphasize its presence.

This idea of he oasis suggested the finishing touch we would have on the floor: a surface of white sea sand.

It is a rare material for an office. However, over time we realized that the sand was an unexpected surprise for visitors, and for those of us who worked there, it made us move at a slower and more serene pace... something we were pleased to discover.