Hello, my name is Rogelio Vallejo Bores. I was born in Morelia; a small city in the center of Mexico, my grandparents immigrated from spain to Mexico in the 20s. As a child I was fascinated with my own house, it was a XVI century colonial house with a big and open central courtyard or patio, where I used to play when I came back from the school, another XVII century monastery and church in the downtown of Morelia.

I can also remember with great happiness and love, when I went to our avocado fields with my family near to a small town Ario de Rosales in the middle of the mountains . I believe that's the reason behind my love for trees, forest and the relation with humans.

Much of my early work was artistic, after finish architecture degree I went to Universidad Europea de Madrid in Spain and finished there a master degree in art and new technologies for two years I worked in different forms of artistic expressions.

I am very grateful to be an architect because I have the possibility to improve and transform my inner world and the inner world of my clients:

Only in itimate communion with solitude may man find himself. Solitude is good company and my architecture is not for those who fear silence.